Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Beware of wash from passing malamutes

Colwell Bay
I have a bit of a gift for booking accommodation in new places and then finding out that I’m walking distance from the only person I know in the area. So it was this time, after booking my B&B, I found that Howard Hardiman, creator of the Badger stories lived a few minutes’ away in Freshwater.

We met up with Howard late in the afternoon and walked Munson down to the bay for a swim. It’s his first saltwater swim since our Spanish holiday last year, and he was extremely enthusiastic about exercising himself in the water and on the sand. I’ve asked Howard to draw Munson and on this first meeting he was surprised to discover how stupidly, soppily affectionate Munson could be.
P1120988  P1130001Colwell Bay
P3052036  P3052035
In the evening we went to the Broadway Pub for dinner and Munson dried off a bit more in front of the fireplace in the main lounge. He was spoiled terribly by publicans and patrons alike, all of whom seemed to have dog treats floating around in their pockets.

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