Thursday, March 14, 2013


Munson in PolperroAt the end of 2007 I visited this little fishing village with Bondi but when Maureen suggested it for a day out this morning I had absolutely no recollection of the name. However as soon as I reached the top of the village it all came flooding back to me, including a specific memory of a sign in front of a pub near the water “Dogs invited with big spending owners”.

Then as now there were not many visitors, but notably all the visitors today had a dog with them, so Munson had interesting time wooing them and wooing at them. I somehow managed to beat Tony, Maureen and Johanna here, so Munson had a chance to romp around the foreshore at low tide for some time before we caught up with them.

Polperro harbour - tide out
Polperro harbour - tide in
Munson tearing up the sand  Lunch at Blue Peter
Tony treated everyone to lunch at the Blue Peter Inn (welcomer of big spending dog owners) which allowed us to warm up and pass some time until the tide came in to buoy up the boats leaning on the floor of the inner harbour. Back on the foreshore Munson met the very playful Daisy who had a penchant for leaping to catch pebbles.
Munson and Daisy - Cirque du Polperro (2) Munson and Daisy - Cirque du Polperro (1)
Cornish treats: piskies, meerkats and scrumpy

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