Friday, March 15, 2013

CORNWALL St Denys churchyard

St Denys @ St Dennis
When I packed my suitcase several weeks ago, I didn’t notice till way too late that a mouse had eaten away part of the zipper and so I wouldn’t be able  to reliably close it for travel. It may have survived the in-car trip from France to here but it wouldn’t survive several air journeys next week.

I determined to buy a replacement this morning and start reducing the weight load by dispensing with excess clothes and paperwork. I made a trip down to ASDA but found they don’t sell suitcases out of summer months (no one flies to warmer climes during winter?) so went to the town centre to check some of the other stores. While I was making a selection at Argos I met some people who said they had a husky, although they didn’t seem to be terribly clear on exactly what a husky or malamute might be. I bumped into them ten minutes later at the car park and saw that it was indeed a pretty young husky called Ellie. That’s the second Ellie we’ve ever encountered and both have been this week!

ASDA Pet stop  Munson & Ellie
St Denys (2) St Denys (1) 
For our afternoon excursion, Tony and  Maureen took me to the village of St Dennis where Maureen has family connections. She’d mentioned to me that there are a few Verco/Varco graves there, and as I have a  family connection there on my Dad’s side through the 19th century, I thought it would be nice to see if I recognised any names.

The churchyard of St Denys (note the different spelling) is located on the site of an ancient hilltop fort, so within its walls you feel it’s a rather special place lifted above the horizon.
St Denys (3) Munson @ St Denys
There was indeed a set of Varco headstones just inside the gate, but most were from a later period than I had information on, though they could easily be cousins. I guess many of them died from the family complaint: varco’s veins. For now I contented myself with taking photos of some of the headstones and I’ll attempt to cross-reference them with family records at a later date.
Varco(e) headstones (1) Varco(e) headstones (2)
St Dennis is overlooked by mountainous slag heaps from the china clay pits

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