Saturday, March 02, 2013

French Reunion

TintinSaturday, our last full day in Paris would be less ambitious under the foot: milling around the Marais, a trot up to Sacre Coeur and a reunion with an old friend.
Sacre Coeur Gustav & Munson - Sacre Coeur
On our return from the cathedral, I found a great little cafe The Broken Arm with coffee as good as any in Sydney, which is to say light years ahead of almost all French coffee. Oh to have an option like this in 2006 when I was making my own coffee on the stove before French language school and serving out portions to my class-mates.

P3021932 P3021921
P3021920 P3021924
Cher Gustav et les chiens de la rue
P3021961 P3021960
Pompidou Centre
In the Marais, Munson hip-hopped into the Stravinsky Fountain by the Pompidou Centre to slake his thirst….
drinking the fountain dry to get at the skeleton bones
Michael & Bondi - Paris 'les philosophes' cafe_thumb les philosophes
…and then by les philosophes I tried – not too successfully – to recreate a photo taken with Bondi near the end of our Parisian adventure. Munson’s long time in France ahead of this has given him a certain Gallic indifference to such matters. Bffff.
P3021976P1120940   Marta & Munson sing
Et en fin, we met up with Marta, who already having a great felicity for language when she was in my French classes, had moved from Spain to Paris in recent years. We caught up with her outside one of the cheese stores on Rue Montorgueil and caught up on seven years of life post l’Atelier 9. Gustav borrow's Marta's cap IMG_4180P3021985 P3021984
tired puppy back at the hotel

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