Saturday, March 09, 2013

Golden Hill Fort

Munson @ Golden Hill Fort (2)  Munson @ Golden Hill Fort (4)
It’s such a long time since Munson has had a puppy play date; his last regular playmate was the late lamented Legend. Now he’s about seven weeks away from being able to see some of his old buddies at Sydney Park. This morning he has a play date with Ellie on the grounds surrounding Golden Hill Fort, a 19th century barracks and defence centre that is being converted to luxury apartments.
Robert Hooke trail Golden Hill Fort plaque
I spent about an hour walking around with Howard and Fiona, dodging bullet-speed dogs who were enjoying every muddy trail and a few deep puddles.
Munson @ Golden Hill Fort (3)  Munson @ Golden Hill Fort (1)
Afterwards I took Munson down to Freshwater Bay to get his undercarriage rinsed off by the surf.
Munson @ Freshwater Bay

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