Saturday, March 09, 2013

Left Wight to Right Wight

left and right WightApart from my tour of the island’s fogs two days ago, which blur into each other like French cheeses, I’ve been hanging around left Wight without seeing how the other half live. I headed over to Ryde with the intention of finding somewhere for lunch. Oops back up – I stopped first at Calbourne’s Water Mill to look about and lunch at the cafe. The board at the entrance with opening times said they were open from 10am-4pm but as I was walking Munson in, we were stopped by a lady with a “where are you going to?”

I said I was headed for the cafe but she said they weren’t open till March 22. So I queried the “Winter Opening Hours” on the board. To this she said “oh we can’t change the times because they’re printed on the board … when we’re open we put a sign out on the road”. I guess this made some kind of sense to her, if not to anyone who didn’t work there. I asked why their first day of Winter opening was in fact the first day of Spring, but she walked off and yelled something back with an aggrieved tone, so I gave up, and that is where we resume our story of me looking for lunch in Ryde.

Dr Who One, Ryde
Ryde was bathed in drizzle (showered in drizzle? …drizzled in drizzle) when we arrived, but after a quick circuit of its high street area I couldn’t find anywhere to eat where Munson was welcome. I was tempted to visit the Who One store but admitted to myself that I was thirty years’ late in finding such a store as my Whovian book-collecting days were long gone. I guess their business is mostly online as the island location is about as handy to Gallifrey as it is to the rest of planet Earth. I also didn’t think it likely that they’d welcome Munson as SF bookstores (unlike almost all other independent bookstores) don’t like dogs, unless they’re pretend ones like robotic K9 or Chewbacca (a bipedal homage to malamutes).

For a gratuitous pic of Bondi with an inflatable Dalek see here (at a BBC store in Norwich).
I retreated the car to consult a list of dog-friendly pubs on the island. I couldn’t find any in this corner, but decided to try out a coastal pub about twenty-five minutes away at Culver Down.

Culver Haven (2)  Culver Haven (3)
We were welcomed at the Culver Haven which had food service running for me, and Munson was treated with a special bowl of meat scraps when my lunch arrived.  
Culver Haven (1)
When I arrived there was a southwards view of the coast, but during my brief stay this was replaced with a uniform pillow of fog through which cows strolled, finding their way about either by smell or echo-location.
The Atlantic Ocean
The sun reappeared briefly as we passed through Yarmouth on the way back to Totland, frightening a flock of birds.
belated sun

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  1. Anita9:22 am

    Did anyone say that you 'should have been here yesterday, it was lovely'? That happened to me a lot as I stumbled about in the foggy UK.