Friday, March 01, 2013

Munson’s matins au Paris

This morning we made our way quickly across the Seine for coffee at Malongo cafe  - inevitably lining up behind the ex-pat Australians who know where the good coffee is. A visit to some of the local Album comic book stores is essential. What would the staff do without a malamute to dawn over??
Our meandering takes us through the Luxembourg garden, where the fences are lined with a few decades’ worth of cartoons.

As ever the streets are lined with so much colourful detail, but the Parisians themselves are dressed in their metro-bulot-dodo uniform of black, a cultivated sterility. Not quite so many smoke these days, English has replaced nicotine as preferred poison, but for a stubborn not-quite-minority their scarf has a third tail, a plume of smoke following like a grey familiar. Over all the air quality is still bad, and I’m back to wheezing and sneezing as I did on my last stay.
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hotel water bowl IMG_4169P1120859

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