Monday, March 18, 2013

RUTLAND at last!

Munson outside Oakham castle
In my travels around the British Isles I’ve prided myself on the thoroughness with which I’ve hit if not every major city, but at least every county … with the exception of the Isle of Wight, and Rutland. I’m not completely clear on the Scottish case as it has so many islands, but I have been to Arran, some of the Inner Hebrides and Orkney which is probably better than most Scots have achieved.
Munson @ All Saints Oakham (3)  Oakham Castle
My recent week on Wight has now firmly dealt with that case. It’s possible that I did veer through Rutland during my swing through East Anglia in 2005, but I won’t count it unless I’ve actually planted feet on ground. Today’s journey from Wigan to Cambridge has cunningly allowed me to ticki it off my list with a one hour stop for coffee and wander around the county town of Oakham.

Happy malamute in snow (2)  Happy malamute in snow (1)
Just as we pulled into town, the snow started coming down. Over the last few weeks I keep thinking that every snow is going to be Munson’s last for a long time, but I’m beginning to think he’s got his own little weather god looking after him.

I was a little worried that if it continued to come down at the rate it was, quickly drenching my jacket, then we may have trouble on the road as we continued south. So after a bit of a final romp, I packed us back in the car and took us past Rutland Water – alas just a white smear under a hazy white smear of sky – and got us down to Cambridge by 1.30pm.

We’re staying a couple of nights with Aussies Tim & Ben who have been over here for three years before the last road journey returning us to London. I’ve got less than a week now with Munson before he’s handed over to the transport folks and then I won’t see him till after Easter in Australia.
Munson @ All Saints Oakham (2)  Munson @ All Saints Oakham (1)

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