Sunday, March 24, 2013

Taking flight

Munson on the Tube - between East Aldgate and MonumentThis morning I dropped Munson off with Airpets at Heathrow in preparation for his flight on Tuesday, just as I did with Bondi just over five years ago.  I will next see him just after Easter at the Sydney quarantine station.  It’s unfortunate that we were not travelling later in the year, as the indication is that quarantine time would be cut from 30 days to 10.  Even the time between now and seeing him in quarantine is longer than any separation we’ve had thus far. It already feels a bit weird not having him under the same roof.

I took Munson out for a special day around central London yesterday – I’ll post about that and Paris later – in which he got in his last train rides for the foreseeable future. I’ve read that Howard Collins, the head of the London Underground will be taking over Sydney’s half-hearted equivalent later this year.  I wish him well in turning this organisational trainwreck into a service-oriented organisation like the Tube.

Tomorrow I’ll be flying to Copenhagen, and thence taking the train across to southern Sweden where I’ll be meeting up with Gustav and family. We fly out of Copenhagen, Sydney bound on Tuesday morning. It will be quite a temperature change for us – it’s been snowing in London all day today, and Sweden is offering me temperatures down to –9C, while Sydney beckons with 25C.


  1. Anonymous10:26 am

    Welcome to Sweden!

  2. awww poor Munson, on his own for so long....bon voyage to all

  3. Have a safe journey, I'll be thinking of Munson meanwhile x

  4. Enjoy the trip. It'll be a long time before we see 25º...


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