Friday, March 08, 2013

The Isle of White

Howard & Munson @ Sugar LoafYesterday’s hike to Freshwater Bay and the Needles left me rather blistered, or rather I should say my Parisian blisters were brought out of retirement.

Our morning consisted of nothing more strenuous than meeting Howard down at the Sugar Loaf cafe for a coffee. Munson’s chances to go into cafes and pubs are going to dry up once we’re back in Australia so I’ll take every opportunity I can right now thank you.

We dropped into Howard’s place on the way back and met his mum Fiona and their rescue dog Ellie.  Ellie wasn’t too happy about having a strange dog around but I was very pleased to see that Munson took great care to respect her personal space. Fiona suggested a play date in a park tomorrow to ease Ellie’s worries.
Munson loafingLater in the afternoon I took Munson for a drive around the lower side of the island to see all the regional varieties of fog on offer. It was white, white, white everywhere whether we looked out to see or inland. I’m sure there were other things to see but the signs were too difficult to read from the road.

I ended up pulling into Newport and doing some food shopping for both of us and then taking us back to the B&B for an early night.

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