Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Treasure Aisle

Copenhagen - Dusseldorf - Abu Dhabi - SydneyCopenhagen –> Dusseldorf –> Abu Dhabi –> Sydney

Twenty six hours.

We didn’t do too bad on the seating. The final leg was lightly loaded so we were able to shift into seats by the emergency exit aisle and stretch out for the duration. I woke up just as the plane crossed the Australian coastline at Port Hedland and followed our progress for a little while and then picked it up again much later when we’d gone down to the Great Australian Bight and tracked eastwards past Adelaide until disembarking in Sydney just after 7pm.

Europe is in the thrall of an extended winter and Sydney is having a long summer with March being warmer than February. We were greeted with 25C temperatures in the evening after a speedy pass through customs and immigration – Gustav was processed just as fast as I was.Munson trying out a crate for size
I checked my email using the airport’s free wifi, and the first message out of London was a little distressing:

Munson is absolutely fine but there has been a big problem when we have delivered him in for his flight. He has literally forced his way out of his air kennel by taking a complete panel out of it, and therefore there is no possible way that he could travel on the flight tonight. We are going to have a discussion with our carpenter tomorrow and try to work out a way to reinforce the kennel but I am afraid that a delay in his trip to Australia is unavoidable at the moment.

I wanted to let you know as soon as possible and to reassure you that Munson is back with us and completely safe (he was so pleased to see me and smothered me in kisses when I went to collect him)

My first thought was that although his confinement time is going to be extended, at least this didn’t happen after he’d been sealed in the hold, with whatever consequences this may have entailed.

Vance picked us up a little while later and we were at his Woolloomooloo home by about 9pm.

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