Sunday, March 17, 2013

WIGAN Haigh Hall

HAIGH Hall Country Park
One of my favourite haunts in the Wigan area is the Haigh Hall country park with its great open lawns and many wooded trails. I used to bring Bondi here and sit by the canal running across its lower reaches while barges drifted by.
Munson by the canal Across canal, looking up to the Hall P1130219
Yesterday’s long car ride was more than compensated for while Munson scampered down muddy paths to sniff out many of the sensory treats that Bondi relished eight years ago.

Retracing our path from the canal, we were joined by a couple of border collie crosses with an insane obsession. One placed a small hunk of wood on the path in front of me, and I obligingly kicked it ahead of me. If the wood strayed out of a central band in the path, even by inches, one of the dogs would retrieve it, place it in front of me and gingerly step back in anticipation of me kicking it again. Repeat. About a hundred times.

mad dogs
The afternoon was spent at Susie’s house-warming. One of her friends taught her how to make some curries, and I gave some rice-cooking tips while Munson watched over the door and welcomed guests.

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  1. I hadn't realised you'd driven up north that far! A well deserved break for Munson then...