Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Eurolurgy update

Circular Quay hosts the Dawn PrincessWhile  I’ve been showing Gustav some more of Sydney over the Easter holiday weekend (notably The Rocks, Manly, Newtown and Sydney Park) I’ll leave it to  him to record his impressions on his own blog, rather than me posting pictures of places that have already been well-covered in this blog. Jaded Sydneysider / Sybarite that I am,  I’d rather save up for some posts when Munson is available to the world at large.
Museum of Contemporary ArtI dropped into Sydney Hospital outpatients clinic on Sunday to have my cough looked at, since I hadn’t slept for more than 3-4 hours in a stretch, and its physical exertions have left me sore and less physically able to fight it off. Listening to my blustering convulsions in the waiting room should have been enough to convince them of my need, but they checked me over thoroughly and even gave me a chest X-ray in case there was something more serious underneath. I had the suspicion that they were glad to talk to someone who hadn’t injured themselves through alcoholic folly or been brought in by police officers. The doctor sent me on my way with antibiotics and something to keep the cough under control.

I’ve now had two nights of at least seven hours continuous sleep, which has brought on a marvellous improvement. That small victory was followed up today by getting a new driver’s license card and replacement Medicare card  organised with quick visits or phone calls to the appropriate government departments.

Shelley Beach - water dragon  Sydney Park - lizard
I’ve been treating myself with some of my favourite Aussie comfort foods, introducing Gustav to them as I go: passionfruit yoghurt, Haigh’s chocolate bullets, dried apricots, big Aussie breakfasts. Evenso, I haven’t forgotten what I’ve learnt in France, and even as I type, I have a large chasseur pot of ratatouille simmering on the stove.  A plus!

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