Thursday, April 11, 2013

Exercise Yard

P4112623Today was the first day Munson could be exercised out of his pen at the quarantine station. We had a half-hour slot in a grassy yard where he could bound about as much as possible. It was just as important for him to be able to sniff around some trees, lie on the grass and roll onto his back to have his belly scratched.

IMG_4318.JPG (2)As much as a milestone as this seemed, on top of getting him through a field of paperwork and across half the planet, he’s still only a week into the quarantine, so there’s still just over three weeks left of this. I’m sure it’s all confusing as hell for him, especially with the cacophony of barking around him through the day. Munson is very like Bondi in not wanting to be around barking dogs, and being rather talkative, he’s probably shouting himself hoarse asking them all to shut up. All we get out of him today were some high-pitched squeaky attempts to express himself, rather than his usual deep-chested rumbles.

P4112619 P4112625
Today’s also been the warmest day in our two weeks of “autumn”, temperatures ranging from 15-27C. Thank goodness Munson isn’t aware of our visits to the beach every other day. We went to meet some friends at Bondi Beach on Monday afternoon, where there was very little surf, but the water was as warm as anything I’ve ever swum in.IMG_4312.JPG (2)

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