Thursday, April 18, 2013

High Five

P4182631 P4182628
Munson is five today! OK so the circumstances for celebrating are not as luxurious as could be, but tomorrow he’ll have completed half of his quarantine with happier days almost in our grasp. I brought him out some beef-flavoured rawhide strips to chew on, more for stress relief than edible treat. It’s a shame that when they need something to chew on the most, there is nothing around but an unoccupied foreleg to sink a fang into.

When we take him from his cell to walk around to the exercise yard, he struts like a dog on show, not pulling, but simply relishing the physicality of moving somewhere, paws on grass rather than concrete. It’s not till he’s unleashed in the yard that he becomes demonstratively affectionate, but his usual growls are still hoarse vocalisations. He sounds more like a fluffy squeaky toy than a real dog.

It’s pretty close to ten years since I brought Bondi here from Seattle, himself a little under five years. One dog began a new life here, the other resumes an old life.

Munson tastes freedom in the air P4182632
I’ve just discovered that my shipping container of furniture and household effects is not going to arrive this month as expected, but sometime in early June, with clearance and delivery undoubtedly adding another week or more. No use getting angry about it; I just have to focus on getting our in-house camping needs seen to.

While I’ve been away a new IKEA mothership has been built ten minutes away from my house, marking the fifth location they’ve shifted to over the last three decades. Since I have a car this week and some hours to kill this afternoon, I thought we should go down and scope out the place. I need to buy new crockery and glassware, and inevitably we’d find or remember other things of use for the six-seven weeks until we’re reunited with our possessions.

As Gustav recounts in his blog, he convinced me to buy a Swedish festive drink from the IKEA deli called påskmust, which sounds like some sort of Viking pon farr. It probably smells like that would if it existed, just with bubbles. It’s based on a root-beerish hop extract, so I imagined that Gustav might like sarsaparilla but he wrinkled his nose at that with almost the same disdain he’s treated Vegemite (made from an extract of brewers’ yeast). Unfortunately this means he’ll miss out on related taste sensations like icy vegelato.


  1. Happy birthday to Munson! Bummer about the container.

  2. Happy belated birthday Munson! Our birthdays are only a few days apart. Mine is April 22. I just turned 5 too! Sorry you had to spend it in jail. Hopefully your nice humans will give you lots of whip and sprinkles when you get home!

    Khady Lynn