Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Munson update

Everyone’s favourite little fluffstorm should now be wending his way through the skies towards Sydney for a pre-dawn landing, from which he will be collected and processed by the quarantine folks at the Eastern Creek station.

I checked their website just now to review visiting times and policies – and once again it is a mire of self-conflicting information. I called them directly and they admitted it was a mess ( reviewed most recently last month ) but I don’t expect their “head office” to do anything about it. Earlier this year I pointed out that the department’s PDF forms were all stamped with messages indicating they were using software in trial mode to produce them rather than paying for a legal copy – no response. I had to manually scrub all the document pages before passing them on to other government agencies.

Anyhoo, I can’t visit Munson on his day of arrival, and although the website clearly states that visiting hours are only on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, I can visit him on Friday morning if I can make an appointment tomorrow afternoon.

I won’t be able to book him for an exercise yard until he’s been there a week, and there’s no guarantee that any application for a booking will be granted as they don’t have sufficient capacity.

So I’ll visit Friday morning, and then make an assessment as to how he’s doing, and whether I should visit again before an exercise appointment next Thursday. I know it sounds rather heartless to only see him once per week, but leaving him each time is going to be incredibly emotionally wrenching for both of us.

Here’s my record of visiting Bondi for the first time at the station in late 2007:


  1. Good news (well, no quarantine would be better)!

  2. Poor guy, I know he'll be happy to see you......I don't know how you'll tear yourself away tho