Monday, April 29, 2013

Southern comforts

Sydney Park sunset (1)
We’re so close to being back in the house, I can almost feel it. It’s not quite as good as the feel of a key in the lock and a comfortable place to lay down, but it’s probably no more than 24 hours now. Gustav and I drove around inner city supermarkets and appliance stores to gather up cleaning gear and essential appliances in anticipation of having access today, but now I just have a car full of buckets, detergents, a vacuum cleaner, microwave and a new bed for Munson. An old refrigerator is due tomorrow and we may even have internet up and running by Thursday evening.

In the meantime we continue to fill out job applications, and I go down to Sydney Park at least every other night, usually with Sceolaun, to enjoy the company of the funny dog crowd we left three years ago. Our autumnal weather has been averaging 25C each day – up to 27C on Sunday – but night falls quickly in these latitudes, so after a brilliant sunset like tonight’s, we generally start drifting home about 5.30pm.

But still, what a sunset.
Sydney Park sunset (2)
  Sydney Park sunset (3)
Sydney Park sunset (4)

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  1. What a gorgeous sunset!!

    Khady Lynn