Friday, May 10, 2013

Back in the groove

Munson looks for the Pyrenees over the side fence
Munson has been out of quarantine for a week now and is still very much happy as any dog not lonely, sleeping on concrete and surrounded by stressed barking dogs can be. He’s spent a few afternoons in Sydney Park, and walked many loops of the neighbourhood.

What's 50 metres long and squealsGustav likes taking Munson for a walk up the high streets just so he can hear passers-by cry out “you’re gorgeous”. There’s definitely a big difference in being out when Munson is in hand.

One morning we passed several long queues of school children waiting to see the show “Possum Magic” at the Enmore theatre. It was one long squeal of delight from beginning to end. When we got to the end, Gustav thought we should go around and do it again.

As we’re sleeping on the floor (Gustav and I slightly elevated by a borrowed mattress) until the furniture arrives, there’s not much difference between Munson being beside the bed and on it. Sometimes I wake up and find one of his paws resting against me as he snores gently on his back.

Scout has been over for two visits, looking very chirpy after a horrible few days at the veterinary hospital due to a flare up of his pancreatitis. I saw him on Monday when he was on his way there for the third time in 24 hours, cowed, trembling and in a lot of pain. Amanda’s car ran out of fuel only a few blocks from my home and I gave them a ride the rest of the way. The timing of my return to the house was not a day too late!

2-P5102724  3-P5102725
Gustav, Munson and I have at least another five weeks of rattling around in a house of empty rooms, furnished occasionally by one large beast taking his chance to sleep in every single corner. We are at least eating well and have already transferred our home-cooking skills from France with a slow-cooked casserole, a pumpkin soup and a cake produced in the first week. I’m itching to make a pot of ratatouille as soon as I’ve assembled ingredients and utensils.
Munson furnishings


  1. Nice to see Munson at home again!
    Laughed at Gustav's reaction to his walk-of-squeals!
    The house looks lovely Mike beautiful hardwood floors!

    1. Thank you! I lucked out with the floors - they were hidden under chocolate brown shabby carpet when I bought the place. It's all Kauri pine too!

  2. your floors are indeed house here in western NC was built in the early 1920's and I just had the floors re-done (for the first time since the house was built) and I was pleasantly surprised that they came out looking so good....the baseboards & window frames here are dark but the floors (oak in the living room & pine in the bedrooms) are the same color as yours