Sunday, May 12, 2013

Travels in space and time

Yes yes, we've all been travelling with a mad man

A Doctor Who pop-up store has been operating in Newtown since Thursday. The long lines outside the store indicated that, rather disappointingly, it was not bigger on the inside. It wasn’t until this afternoon that I saw an opportunity to look inside and see anything but thirty people trying to squeeze around the items on display.

How do Daleks serve tea?Munson hung around outside with Gustav, under the watchful view of a Dalek and the Doctor’s erstwhile companion K-9. Munson already knows what it’s like to follow someone around through space and time for years, so he rapidly got bored of the whole thing.

I feel like I’ve walked around most of space and time this week. On Thursday I lost my wallet and spent Friday morning cancelling and replacing cards. I was very impressed by being able to replace my driver’s license within fifteen minutes of walking into a motor registry, waiting and photo-time included.

Last night I had a call from IKEA to say that it had been handed-in (I figured I’d dropped it in their carpark) and so I walked to the store to collect it this morning. It’s just over three kilometres away and a brisk walk got me there in twenty-five minutes. Everything was there but the cash I’d just withdrawn. Most importantly I retrieved a couple of Bondi’s claws that I’ve carried around for the last few years.

While I mention that IKEA is less than a half-hour’s walk away, thus putting salt lakrits within Gustav’s grasp, I’ve been trying to work out what lies within the 700 metres of my house that would correspond to walking to the letter box on the farm in France. Aside from having one of the best coffee roasters I’ve ever encountered within 200m, there are two Thai restaurants, a pizzeria (as yet untested), a new indoor Olympic-sized swimming pool, theatre, weekend markets and a major comedy/music performance venue. On the downside, there’s a lot more noise, less personal space at home, no mountain views or pond full of frogs, and no children to ask me how my day has been.

Le Bake - Just like France, without le pain

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