Saturday, June 15, 2013

5 years and 50kg

Many apologies for being a slack-arse blogger in recent weeks. I’ve gone through a Downton transition from Dowager Countess “What’s a weekend?” to job-holder. That means being surprisingly tired at the end of each day – not helped by sleeping for 6 weeks on a mattress on the floor while we await our furniture from France.

My life crosses several class barriers in one go

I actually don’t even have a full weekend now as I work Saturday mornings, and with Gustav working all day Saturday, we now only have Sunday as common day off.

So that is how I found myself having lunch with just Munson at cafe Lumière for the first time in three years. Looking down at Munson I realised that it was not only a weekend, but mid-June and therefore a Munsonversary. It’s five years this week since Munson joined my household, and since the photo on the left was taken at Lumière.

With lunch over, it was time to renew Munson’s acquaintance with the fountain next door.
2013-06-15 Lumiere 5 years

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  1. Munson's such a dear--he looks a lot like my Juneau! I just love your blog!