Saturday, June 22, 2013

Munsonland Midwinter

Moomin snow
The winter solstice passed yesterday with few chills in these parts. I’ve rarely worn more than a single layer of outerwear this winter, and this shortest of days was no exception.

Indoors we’re experiencing a weather system known too well to the families of malamutes, huskies and their cousins. A veritable Munsoon of hair has taken over the house, more noticeable than usual in that the house is still mostly empty as we creep up to two full months of camping out indoors sans furniture. While in France I collected up several years worth of discarded Munson chiengora but left it behind as possibly too inviting for Australian customs officials to slap some fee on it. After all that effort of collecting all the clean tufts and brushings we had nothing to show for it. Still, we may catch up on that loss much sooner than I imagined.
Colossal whether metric or imperial
Here I proudly present Munson’s Winter Collection, with some further releases scheduled in the coming weeks with something to satisfy even the fussiest of dog hair wearers. This doesn’t include any of the plague of hair-bunnies, nor the thick dermafrost which has settled on our floor-level bedding where Munson sleeps during our absence.
Munson, facing malamute-pattern baldness


  1. Hahaha! Love it! I'm going to borrow your term--chiengora--from now on. Smooches to Munson!

  2. Very cool. Are you going to spin it? I once spun Great Pyrenees chiengora and knit a scarf with it. Fabulous fun!

    1. I started trying to prepare it in France but the hand-carding process was woefully slow, so I think I'll just find someone else to (machine-card?) prepare it for me to knit.

      I spoke to some women two weeks ago who have friends with experience in this area.