Sunday, July 07, 2013

Eveleigh Artisans’ Market

uke serenadeHow do you know you’re at a market? Munson starts talking. It doesn’t matter if he’s amongst the aubergines and cheeses at a French village market, or the printed fabrics, hand-turned pots and collaged images at a crafts fair, Munson will have something to say. Today his conversation started competing with some buskers, so after a few attempts to retune their instruments in his key, they gave up and came over to serenade him.
IMG_4828  IMG_4830
Today’s setting was the first Sunday of the month Arts & Crafts market at the Eveleigh site where we often visit the Saturday farmers’ market.  Music aside, there is something for everyone, including the dog.

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  1. Anonymous11:32 am

    Hello Mike & Munson,
    I've followed your blog for a few years now owing to my malamute obsession. Happily, a malamute of our very own joined my husband and I 2.5 years ago. We are from Sydney but have been temporarily relocated to Brisbane for my husband's work. What a shame we aren't closer otherwise I would have loved our Humphrey to meet your Munson now you are back in Oz. I've followed the amazing progress Scout has made under M's tutelage and confess our sweet Humphrey could probably do with some guidance from Munson himself. He is beautifully trained yet fearful of strangers. A most unexpected trait from the most people friendly breed known to man! We find it does limit the things we can do with him, which is such a shame. I'll continue to follow your blog and if you have any words of wisdom re Humphrey I'd love to hear from you. Warmest regards and woo woo to Munson, P.