Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Complete excision


The oncologist confirmed the histology report indicated a "complete excision" of the tumour. As far as I can tell, the tissue margins removed have not affected Munson's mobility. While he's happy on or beside the bed most of the day, he can't avoid an energetic malamute dance after a particularly good belly or back rub. He gets a short walk in the neighbourhood each day, and a few car rides to keep his mind occupied.

Munson will have his sutures removed on Tuesday while his ongoing treatment plan is explained to me. This is likely to be metronomic chemotherapy, a program of low-dose drugs over a period of months.

The generous support from this campaign has taken some of the "heat" out of the up-front costs so we could get it done quickly and move without interruption towards chemo. I understand that second stage will cost almost as much as the first, but we can at least stagger that out over the year. Some of you might be interested to read about the experience of other dogs  on the Tripawds  site.

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  1. We are keeping all our paws and fingers crossed here for beautiful Munson. We learned about your story from Gimpy Dogs. We will share on our FiveSibes Facebook page as well and form a #pawcircle of prayer and healing for him to help spread the word and hopefully get support, help, and prayers for Munson as he gets his treatment and give him strength in his battle against cancer. Sending big Husky hugs to Munson from the FiveSibes.