Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Munson vs Cancer

I saw Munson briefly this morning at SASH, still in good spirits and giving malamutes a great name due to his sweet nature. I took him for a spirited walk around the hospital before returning him to one of the veterinary nurses. There were a few confused looks back over the shoulder as he was escorted up the corridor, with only my verbal encouragement to set him at ease again.

Surgery was completed a short time ago, with the report that everything went well and no fancy tricks like skin-flap transplants were needed to close the wound. When such transplant options were discussed with me on Monday, the warning was that “hair would be going in every direction”, but I assured the doctor that this was not an unfamiliar hazard to a malamute owner. His youth, vitality and positive demeanour are just as conducive to getting through this as with any human facing a cancer diagnosis.

Munson’s oncologist will update me in the morning with his recuperation progress and talk to me more about radio/chemo-therapy options.

As a number of friends, far and near have offered to make some contributions to the Munson v Cancer fund, I have set up a GoFundMe campaign to receive them. I cannot tell you how touched I’ve been by the increasing number of messages and phone calls today, and I hope you can all communicate your love directly to Munson in future.

Love from us all.


  1. I'm headed over to contribute to Munson's fund! Anything to help! Holly never had a chance with her cancer. So I definitely want to help her handsome friend Munson with his fight!

    Khady Lynn

  2. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Is there any other way to donate except via Paypal? Sorry, I have no desire to open up an account.

    1. You can send money through PayPal without opening an account. If you email me via the address I can give you an email address to direct payment towards. ( I won't write it here due to spam engines ).

      Alternatively, if you're in Australia I can provide account details for direct debit.

      The other international option available that doesn't incur huge fees is Amazon Web Pay:

      Thank you!

  3. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Thanks for the information. I am located in the United States, and (unfortunately!) and rather techno-challenged :( As you can see, I have not even figured out how to post a comment unless I choose 'anonymous'!
    Looks like the Amazon Web pay may be a good option for me to try.
    Healing vibes out to Munson :)

  4. Mike,

    Hopefully things are okay at the moment and as you say elsewhere the gofundme account has taken the edge of expenses. But if you'd like your support team out here in cyber space to do a bit more of a push on social media, just let us all know :)