Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Resuming the position

IMG_5011Munson had a restless night, dealing with a heavily bandaged leg covering an undoubtedly worrisome wound, some pain as his post-surgery analgesia wore off, and the ongoing frustration and ignominy of the collar.

I took him out for a quick walk in the morning, whence he collided repeatedly with post after tree, until he learnt to slow down enough so the collar deformed rather than sending him ricocheting away.

I think he slept most of the day away on the bed – that was where I found him on the two occasions I stopped in to check on him. He was rather frisky when my day at work was done, and so we find him in the malamute classical position.


  1. hugs to the munson man

  2. Anonymous12:47 am

    biggest, warmest hugs to you , dear Munson!
    get well and strong very soon!

  3. Hugs from Texas, Munson! Sitka and Juneau sending woooos your way!