Monday, September 02, 2013

BIRCHGROVE Monday in the city

Lizard's view of the bridge

As the days lengthen, I’m introducing Gustav to some of my favourite Sydney walks and neighbourhoods. There are plenty of headlands and small bays on the harbour west of the Bridge, but few with such expansive views and with so few people around. After walking up Louisa Road (“why don’t we live here?” asks Gustav) towards the little ferry terminal, we find only a trio of fisherman, and a number of geckos basking in the sun.

I brought Munson here at this time of year when he was only a few months’ old to dance on the sand at Snails Bay. I hope his dancing days are back with us quickly after he has his stitches out tomorrow.

Munson at bridge again Munson and the lizard
Sydney Harbour Bridge from Birchgrove

Next time we’ll have to bring a picnic lunch, and savour a few hours with only the lizards and the light off the water to distract us.

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