Monday, September 09, 2013

Iron Cove

A brace of Munsons swimming west of Iron Cove bridgeMonday afternoon is becoming our time for exploring lesser-seen nooks of Sydney. On a sunny Spring weekend, the traffic around the inner city is a deterrent to such travel: much easier to exploit the lull between lunch and peak hour.

Today I’m introducing Gustav to the shores of Iron Cove, tucked between the suburbs of Drummoyne and Rozelle, a bit further west of last week’s destination, Birchgrove. King George Park lies on the western side of the Iron Cove bridge, which was duplicated to support additional traffic during my years in France.
King Georges Park Munson in the swim again (1)Munson in the swim again (2)
There’s a couple of small harbour beaches lined with sandstone outcrops which are popular with dog owners. I remember coming here frequently with Bondi and Dougal about ten years ago, but can’t recall if I ever brought Munson.  That really makes no difference today; Munson was very quickly in the water, paddling around like a hirsute hippo.

sand angel
Failing to enlist any of the other dogs to play with him (he tried so hard) Munson resorted to making himself at home in the sand, which is an easy substitute for snow for any malamute.

I think today’s outing gave Munson a special boost, as he’s been so restricted in his level of exercise and interactions with other dogs over the last month. The saltwater had an additional benefit in washing away the slightly acrid medicinal smell that he’s had since being in hospital.

I took Gustav to nearby Birkenhead Shopping Centre after this, which has also undergone changes while I was away. It’s a bit cleaner looking than when I last went, but it now feels like a big box of bland outlets, and completely wastes its harbourside position. It reminded me of a shopping mall in London/Derry, Northern Ireland which presented only the arse end of a car park to its river frontage.

We moved on to the main street of Balmain which Gustav had only been driven through before. Perched on some milk crates outside a cafe, we were noticed by an old work colleague. He hadn’t seen me in five years, but as soon as he saw a large pile of malamute on the footpath, figured that I was the likely human accompaniment.

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  1. Good to see life offering enjoyments again after so much worry.