Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Stitches out and go…!

I have no intention of staying still enough for a photo

Tuesday was Munson's "stitches-out" day, and an opportunity for a face to face discussion with his oncologist Veronika.

The immediately good news is that he's now free to run, swim and otherwise join canine society. The next day I took him down to Sydney Park for some very energetic play and reunions.

Going forward I have to assess how best to use the treatment choices, in what is really a numbers game. One route is to use pain medication that has a cancer -protective effect, and the other is to use the metronomic chemotherapy I've mentioned before to target blood-supply to any prospective tumour-lets.

Neither are cheap options, and there's no magic end date at which one can be satisfied that the present danger has been averted. Some opt for an arbitrary 3 or 12 months, and others continue for the rest of their furry friend's life.

Which ever route we take, the experience from Munson's treatment contributes to information used to attack cancer in both dogs and humans. Comparative studies may dramatically shorten the time between clinical studies and available drugs or vaccines.

May I tempt you with your own toy?The first dog that Munson encountered at the park was a young ridgeback/mastiff (?) cross who was both keen to play and over-awed by Munson’s size. Munson quickly latched onto his pull-toy and raced off with it in an attempt to lure his new friend into a chase.

After that he settled down with the regular “crowd on the hill” who were very impressed by Munson’s shaven “chicken leg” and his quick recovery after surgery.


  1. I know you will do what is best for Munson! We are all still praying for him!

    Khady Lynn

  2. In the first picture, I love how both of Munson's back feet aren't even touching the ground! Indefatigueable!! Love and furry hugs to you and Munson!

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  4. I am new to this blogs having learned of you from Gimpy Dogs...Munson is beautiful and so happy his surgery is behind him and as pet parents, we make the best decisions we can for our furbabies. He is such a joy and brings smile a smile to his face every time I see his photo! May he live a long healthy life!


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