Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wonderful life

No need to run and hide, It's a wonderful wonderful life
Another beach day for Munson, which would normally be an hour or so of bliss and sandy wetness.

About ten minutes after we arrived, during which time Munson located a few playmates, everyone on the beach was surprised by the arrival of eight horses and their riders. They emerged from the path at the centre of the beach and went straight into the water, where they rode up and down the length of the beach, at least half-submerged. I know horses occasionally frequent the beach, but have never seen them here in all the years we’ve been, assuming they just came early in the morning before the scores of dogs and their families.

There was not much we could do but just sit it out. It gets quite busy down here when the dog walkers’ vans start arriving with maybe fifteen dogs each. I was surprised that whoever organised this expedition (they all arrived in a truck) timed it like this, and gave no warning of their arrival. Munson was extremely distressed by the horses, but  I wasn’t sure if he just wanted to swim out and play with them, or was worried they were going to drown. After twenty minutes or so they left, and order was restored. Munson swam out past the submarine horse parade ground, possibly to look for bodies, but soon forgot the distraction when a dopey young doberman turned up to play.

Last night Munson was dreaming and snoring quite loudly on the bedroom floor. I’m sure tonight’s performance will be even more interesting.

Here I go, out to sea again  The sun's in your eyes, The heat is in your hair


  1. Anonymous12:27 pm

    He looks so content. Humphrey also loves a seaside frolic...and was always perturbed by the horses at Centennial Park. We put it down to him being shocked to find creatures bigger than he is. Thinking of you all. P xxx

    1. His reaction to the horses was entirely unprecedented - he's been pretty quiet around them at every prior encounter that I recall e.g.

      However he, and Dougal before him, used to get upset if people disappeared under water or swam out too far. One day I was walking Bondi and Dougal past a beachside pool where a swim event was going on. When everyone dived into the water, Dougal began howling and wouldn't let up till everyone had surfaced again. He'd also try to rescue me when I swam in Union Bay of Lake Washington.

  2. He is a true picture of bliss! Just adore that top photo! Sharing this beautiful post over on our FiveSibes page!

  3. PS - the FiveSibes page on Facebook, that is! Just want to share your beautiful baby with others as this post will brings lots of smiles to folks' faces! :-)