Saturday, November 02, 2013

Star Paws: Wookiee and Ewok

Wookiee and Ewok (1)

Seated outside Don Campos cafe in Alexandria this morning with Munson and a flat white, a wee white dog has been left leashed to a cycle stand. It’s very friendly but pining for its master, lying with its head between its paws, making mewling noises.

I thought it would be would be better distracted with some friendly company, so brought Munson over to sit by it. Even if that weren’t enough company, everyone now stopped to say hello to both of them and take photos, with someone identifying them as wookiee and ewok.

The owner didn’t return during our time there, but at least we made the young ewok’s wait time a bit less fretful.

Wookiee and Ewok (2)

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  1. Now that's cute! I love Munson's sweet demeanor with other dogs. Such a gentle soul!