Saturday, November 16, 2013

Transports of delight

Munson (12 weeks, 5.5 yrs)
In my last post, I eulogised the car that carried me and Bondi around Europe, usually off-camera from the bottom of Tasmania to the top of Norway.  I included a picture of Munson aged about 12 weeks sitting in the passenger seat (above left). As it happens I bought a low-km used Scenic back in June which is a close double to the original (sans sun-roof, and a different colour). Today as we reached the park for his daily frolic, Munson jumped into the passenger seat again, giving me the chance to photograph him again (above right) in approximately the same position.

An hour or so later we walked back towards the cars with two friends and their dogs. Will reached his car first and opened the door. Munson jumped in and made another passenger seat his home.

Will and Munson

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