Wednesday, December 25, 2013

There you are

2013-12-24 Mike & Munson (1)
[photo c/- Gustav]

Merry Xmas to all readers of El Loco & El Lobo. 

2013 has been a year of dramatic ups and downs for the household, but we’ve just had a lovely day shared with family and friends, and look forward to many more such times into 2014.

All our best wishes for your present and future happy days from

Mike, Gustav and Munson.


  1. Anonymous12:57 am

    Many thanks to you for sharing your extraordinary life throughout the years! Happy Christmas and (belated!) and best wished for a healthy and prosperous New Year to you, Gustav & of course, Munson :)

    Laura Walsh

  2. Wishing you, Gustav, and Munson the happiest of years in 2014. I look forward to reading about your continued adventures, and especially seeing photos of Munson!