Sunday, January 05, 2014

Sirius Cove

Munson drains the harbour
Sydney doesn’t have much to offer in the way of official dog beaches that are close to the city, but it does have one in a very beautiful location right on the harbour. It’s not the handiest location, being a never quick journey across the Harbour Bridge from us, but absolutely worth it if planning a day out on Sydney’s lower north shore.

Sirius Park is in the suburb of Mosman, and is part-time off-leash according to this council time-table
It’s not the easiest place to find without a sat-nav, being at the end of a descent through many twists and turns from arterial Military Road. The park is quite big but there’s limited parking.
The first photo below shows your first view of the park on arrival, and then when you approach the water’s edge – the beach is accessed from the steps in the centre, but I can’t guarantee you will always find a handsome Swede in a hat lurking nearby.
First view from streetSirius Cove
Munson had a great time playing down there and swimming out into the shallow bay. It’s all sandy bottom, and very pleasant for swimming, although you’ll have to wade out a bit at low tide or if a malamute has just exited the water with three gigalitres of harbour hanging in its fur.

Taronga Park Zoo is behind the greenery on the left – I wonder what the dogs make of the exotic smells emanating from that quarter.
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