Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fur and rescue

Munson, getting on top of old smokie

During a Saturday morning coffee and  circuit of Newtown’s King Street, we found celebrations in progress for the local Fire & Rescue service’s centenary. The streets on each side of the station were filled with fire fighting trucks, old and new. My favourite was this beauty from the 1930s, although I’m not sure what its equivalent in malamute bladders might be.

Marching down Australia Street

We’d arrived just in time for the service’s marching band to travel a short distance down Australia Street, in a vain attempt to stop Munson from stealing the limelight. Sorry folks, but you’re competing against a pro.

I'll sit here and look photogenic for a while
fire truck mascot  How handsome am I
While we were there, we met former mal-owner Sue  who kindly supplied some of these photos. There must be something about malamute parentage and wearing purple.
Sue   Munson

Mike   Munson

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