Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hi ho Silver Beach! Away!

Munson watching paraskier at silver BeachMunson sampled a new dog friendly water spot today – Silver Beach at Kurnell. It’s off-leash at all times, but as the council website says just between the third and fourth groynes from the western end. It’s quite a hike through Sydney’s southern suburbs to get there, being right out at the southern entrance to Botany Bay, about five minutes’ further on from the entrance to Boat Harbour.

It took me a bit more time to locate the exact groyne spacing, partly because we were distracted by the paraskiers zooming in and out of each intergroynal beachlet. The road runs right along beside the beach so you don’t have far to walk, and there’s a handy little cafe cum burger, fish ‘n’ chips facing the shore. The easiest thing to do is to turn left when you reach the shore and drive until you hit a marked parking area. That is exactly where the dog off-leash spot is located. From there it’s a malamute hop, skip and bound into the water. There is no way that this dog can fake his eagerness to get into the water and play.
Meanwhile, at groyne #3 I spied a couple of pelicans idly watching the sporting malamute. I was able to edge my way slowly along the rocks to take close-up pictures. They seemed less bothered by me than by seagulls, angrily harrying and haranguing them from above.

P3113376  seagulls annoying the pelicans
Munson came to investigate my activities on the rocks, but he’s not very nimble in such situations, and hauling himself up to the first rock pretty much exhausted him.
IMG_5915  P3113401
It was the paraskiers that interested Munson far more than any seabird. One of them swept back and forth along the beach in a rapid pattern, such that I was worried he would have a groyne injury. His own dog, a little black schnoodle (Schnauzer/poodle) raced up and down the shore somewhat anxiously but didn’t tread the waters. Munson on the other hand, would happily follow the riders fifty metres offshore, only turning back on my command.
P3113406  IMG_5911Animation of Munson rolling in the sand


  1. Anonymous12:53 am

    LOL! Looks like Munson has mastered the 'drop and roll' technique to perfection!

  2. Great to see Munson enjoyed a roll in the sand.