Friday, March 07, 2014

Munso(o)n season - raining dogs and dogs

Munson shakes it out
On a walk in Newtown one night with Gustav and Munson, we were accosted by a guy who asked if this was “Munsoon”. He said that he was a pup the last time they’d met, and was with another malamute (Bondi). That must have been five-six years ago, just another case of how much these boys have stuck in people’s memories over the years.
pumping the tail
Munson’s swim today was at Blackwattle Bay, where he’d had his first swim all those years ago. He heads a lot further out into the harbour these days. It looks like a Greenpeace volunteer has had to shepherd him back to  shore in case he’s targetted by whalers.
Guided back to shore by Greenpeace
Before he took the plunge I dropped into a new pet food store, and put Munson up on the scales. He’s leapt up in weight from 50 to nearly 58kg since his surgery last August. That really surprised me because he still seems to be nothing but fur and tongue plastered onto ribs. His diet is restricted, so I’m putting it down to his lack of stamina for extended aerobic workouts – bounding around on 3.5 legs is limited to a few minutes a day.
P1140168  Munson checks out his fat arse
Sydney - not just for ducks

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