Sunday, March 23, 2014

Return to Sirius Cove

Charlie photo-bombs Rachel, Cassie and MunsonToday’s doggie beach visit was an excuse to catch up with my friends Rachel and Adrian who I haven’t seen in a few years. Adrian was drawn from the same pool of ne’er-do-wells that introduced me to Brent (of the French farm) twenty years ago. He and Rachel have been busy with new baby Cassie (now nearly two) and had not yet met Gustav. Munson had a chance to reacquaint himself with their lab Charlie.

Our last visit to Sirius Cove was in early January when temperatures were soaring, but Sydney’s early autumn is still warm enough for beach visits. Although I was togged up for a swim, the tide was too low for practical purposes, and even Munson was leaning into the water for maximum cooling effect.Charlie, Adrian, MunsonMunson and Charlie start a sand-angel duel
The two dogs shared some mad moments together.  The photo above is interesting because the two dogs look equal size, but Munson is actually twice as big as Cassie.
Munson and GustavMunson’s wake here looks like a whale fluke. He’s such a water-baby – even moreso than Bondi I think – that I sometimes imagine him as a mal-orca hybrid. I’ve thought of having a tattoo done on that theme.

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