Thursday, June 19, 2014

Munson’s Big Adventure

magazine 2014-06-19-075142
This is the story appearing in that’s life! (Australia) today, on pp58-59. I’ll update the image here with a higher resolution (ie legible) version when this issue is replaced next Thursday. [Done!]

The photos used in the story (clockwise from top left) are taken from the following posts :

  1. Ferry to Isle of Wight: March 2013
  2. Munson’s Cafe (unposted pic): March 2013
  3. Monastre de Grande Chartreuse: December 2010
  4. Mirador del Estrecho: September 2012
  5. Enmore Park: December 2013
  6. Rock of Gibraltar: September 2012
  7. Amsterdam: June 2012
  8. North Wales: October 2010
  9. Cologne Cathedral: July 2011
  10. French farm: December 2010

Monday, June 16, 2014

Now We Are Nine

Munson, Mike and Bondi - Sydney Park 2009At the end of May, El Loco & El Lobo slipped quietly into its tenth year with 1725 posts, and close to 12,000 photos. In 2010 a Facebook page was established to complement this site, primarily to make sharing of links and photos easier for readers.

This week we’ll be appearing as a feature story in (this year’s) issue 25 of the Australian weekly magazine that’s life! to be published this Thursday June 19.

To those new readers, welcome, and to those loyal fans of Bondi and Munson who have followed us over the last nine years, thank you. A malamute-sized hug goes out to those that supported us through Munson’s cancer surgery last year; there’s a big love-beast with his mojo back out to save the world because of you.

I still remember the day I turned nine. I was beginning the fourth grade at school in the small fishing village of Urunga on the north coast of NSW, and I’d just been given my first wrist watch (a J Farren-Price as I recall) as a birthday present from my parents. I didn’t have far to walk to school, but I must have raised my arm a hundred times to stare at it, to make sure it was still wound, to make sure that not more than ten seconds had passed since it was last admired. Exciting times must lie ahead.

Exciting times did lie ahead. Across twenty five years - a fathomless gulf to a 9 year old – I was now living in the United States, the same age as my father had been when I was given that watch. This particular day in December was even more memorable because an eight-week old malamute puppy called Bondi came into my life and changed everything. The companion that Bondi became made all the adventures in this blog possible.

Bondi passed away in 2009, a few months after the photo at the top was taken, passing the torch to young Munson who is now six years old. In 2010 I made a short tribute film about my life with Bondi which you can find here.

Stay a while and click through nine years of life on the road with two wonderful dogs. Make yourself comfortable with your own furry friend of today or maybe the one you cherish from when you were nine.