Saturday, October 25, 2014

ROADTRIP 4: Eureka & Byron Bay

01-DSCF0401In theory we’d be having a long sleep in this Saturday morning as we have nowhere to rush to, no far off destination to progress towards. In practice, the shaggy creature outside our bedroom window seeks our urgent participation in the local possibilities.

Did I mention that two schnauzers hold court here? Tiger and Jeddah are not wholly sure of how to treat Munson, but we are for a moment treated to a very Brady breakfast photo.
1-Byron Bay dog beach at Tallow CreekSwimming and coffee are at the top of everyone’s todo list. I’m confident we’ll find some good stuff in Byron soon enough, but that will be after Nick, Craig, Tiger and Jeddah take us to the closest dog-friendly beach. That beach is conveniently located near the junction of the Bangalow Rd and the local coastal trunk road. We park immediately off the road and walk down a long path crossing Tallow Creek, and moments later you’re on white sands and the Pacific Ocean beckons. Again, that’s the theory. Anyone with a water-loving malamute must allow time for said malamute to cruise around in the creek for a while before getting to the beach proper.
There is no doubt that Munson is just as happy in the salt and surf as he was in the creek. Munson begins his surfin' safari

Our time done here, it’s time to retrace our steps and – well why not skip the bridge, and simply swim across the creek? The wet trail back to the car indicates that Munson has retained enough water in his coast to lower the creek level noticeably.

 Munson crosses Tallow Creek  The malamute tide
It’s nearly twenty years since I visited Byron Bay, still recognisable but swollen with fancy shops and lots of backpackers. Off-shore winds whipping up the surf and sand make the town beach extremely unattractive for swimming, but there is a surf festival of sorts carrying on. Surfing legend Tom Carroll is signing copies of autobiography amidst a collection of tents that look like they’re about to be blown skyward.


Our attention is now directed to finding coffee, the Beanfinder app sends us off to Bare foot, a hole in the wall cafe in a side street which gets our thumbs’ up.

10-20141025_120310 09-20141025_120121
After some idle shopping and lunch we’re done with Byron and return to our hosts’ hillside retreat. They suggested an afternoon cool-off at a local waterhole on Coopers Creek, which as they say, went swimmingly.
11-DSCF0439 (2)  13-DSCF046212-DSCF0444 (2)
  14-20141025_164729 15-20141025_171917
The day concluded in theory and in practice with a fantastic home cooked meal, some table tennis and quiet thoughts as we watched the sun set over the valley. We conclude fittingly with Munson back on the stairs reflecting on his day.

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