Sunday, October 26, 2014

ROADTRIP 5: Bangalow

Gustav gets a bit too used to having a back deck
Today was very much the lazy day. We spent the morning at nearby Bangalow’s monthly markets, a sprawling affair with less variety of wares than I expected. It’s like someone said “I can never have enough soy candles” and then everyone decided that this was a thing. Between those and the ubiquitous stalls selling “tree preserving” wooden chopping boards (?!), it was easy to miss anything else.

Dogs are not welcome at the market, so Munson stayed home.
In the afternoon we caught up with an old friend of mine, Michael who had been my next door neighbour in my first solo flat. He’s been up here for a number of years and hosts a local radio show or two.

I include the picture below as I was very impressed by the way this storm-snapped tree had toppled over and was caught by four other trees, wrapped around them like a giant paper-clip.
4-DSCF0477 (2)
More sunset watching, and appreciation of Craig’s great home-made pizza.

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  1. Anonymous12:07 am

    Yes, indeed - so good to be able to share in your adventures again! Happy New Year to you all!! Here's to much health & happiness in 2015 :)

    Laura Walsh