Tuesday, October 28, 2014

ROADTRIP 7: Yamba to Urunga (morning)

Big Banana
Another  short morning of driving, stopping only for important stuff like coffee, beaches and big bananas.

We stopped in Maclean first for coffee (pretty good) and then the highway carried us inland to  Grafton with its jacaranda-lined streets and almost uniformly lilac-coloured shop window displays.

I can’t remember which beach we stopped at first, Munson wasting no time in heading into the surf to greet a few board riders.
2-DSCF0559 (2)
3-DSCF0562 (2)  4-DSCF0563 (2)
Our second swim was at Emerald Beach, just north of Coffs Harbour where Munson got to play with a host of other dogs. I remember one woman saying that her small white dog “looked like something that came out of [Munson’s] bottom”.
2-DSCF0592 (2)
1-DSCF0566 (2) Gustav attempts walking on water3-DSCF0601 (2)
Third swim for the day for one lucky dog – after our stop at the Big Banana – was in Coffs Harbour, which had a big dog beach. We had a short walk around the town centre but it was blisteringly hot, with most of the shops now swept up into one central mall. Not much there to grab the attention of those passing through, so we kept on passing.

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