Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Vale Puck

Puck's last frisbeeOne of Munson’s comrades from Sydney Park was diagnosed with kidney failure this week. Will brought him up to Sydney for the afternoon to say goodbye to everyone. The last time we saw them was four months ago on Sharkey’s Beach, and there was no suggestion of a problem.

I’ve thrown frisbees for Puck hundreds of times over the last seven or eight years, and will never forget his stubborn reluctance to drop the frisbee once he’d retrieved it, despite his insistence that I be available to throw it again.

For several years he wore a harness, and I worked out that if I lifted him about a metre off the ground, his grip on the frisbee would loosen enough to extract it from his grip.

He was a good mate to both Bondi and Munson and I’ll miss him.

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