Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ten years of El Loco & El Lobo

10yrs - with a very silly pictureOn May 27 2005, I made my first blog post, having two days earlier taken off from Sydney for “a year or so” of European travel. Nothing special in that, other than my principal companion being a 75kg Alaskan Malamute by the name of Bondi, who I had adopted at eight weeks in Seattle just before Xmas 1998.

The blog took off slowly – I didn’t take or post many pictures, partly because it didn’t occur to me that I might get a following, or as it turned out, to inspire others to bring a malamute into their lives.

This will be post #1765 which is a pretty good output over that ten years, not counting extra material published on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube. YouTube itself is only three months only than this blog, with Google Maps appearing at the same time, albeit in a pretty sketchy form. When I was travelling around Europe there wasn’t all the amenity of street-views and route maps, nor the luxury of using a smart phone to summon up that detail. I found my way around by following a leash attached to a large creature with a powerful wet nose.

Posting peaked during years of intense travel 2006-2007 and the years in France 2010-2012. Bondi’s premature death in 2009 and Munson’s cancer scare in 2013 put some brakes on. Our first year back in Australia was quite hard for all us (Michael, Gustav and Munson) as we looked for work and dealt with Munson’s illness.

Since the middle of last year however, things have really picked up. Each of us has moved on from very temporary work situations to more secure and rewarding positions; Munson’s health has been great and he has become the king of the local dog park. Never has the role of ruler and jester been so well combined in a single fluffy suit.

Until post #1766: a bientôt, hasta luego and see ya later alligator.Sydney Park Feb 2 2009
PS I’ve filled in the missing gap from late Feb – early March 2013 when we left the farm, spent a few days in Paris and went on to the UK.  Start here.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Munson the Malamute at Mulga Mural

Munson with Mulga gorilla mural

I discovered the work of Joel Moore aka “Mulga” via Tumblr last year. His presence across Sydney is becoming more widely known thanks to murals like this one in Surry Hills.

This mural is known as Rainbow Ronnie.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

King’s Landing

In memory of Bondi leaving us six years ago today, some pictures of him in Croatia – notably in Dubrovnik and Split in April 2007, brought to mind by the use of these cities as settings for The Game of Thrones.

I’d also like to pay respects to my friend Richard Squire who passed away unexpectedly last week. I worked with Richard on and off from Sydney through Seattle and back in Sydney; he was an avid follower of our adventures around Europe. You are missed.
IMG_0349-351 Bondi at Dubrovnik Beach
IMG_0250-251_stitch ice 2015
IMG_0474b Mike & Bondi Dubrovnik
IMG_0504 IMG_0521-522 Bondi at Dubrovnik fort [ice]
IMG_0619-22_stitch ice 2015 Diocletian's Palace IMG_0599-600_stitch ice 2015
STA_0339-344_stitch ice 2015