Saturday, July 18, 2015

Munson’s Fantasia

Munson's chorus -line (1)Gustav and I were doing some shopping on King Street this morning, but our main destination wasn’t opening for another forty-five minutes, so I took Munson down to Sydney Park for a spell to fill in time.

We haven’t been there in a good while, partly due to time of year (it’s dark when I get home from work), weather (intermittently freezing) and public works (long fences blocking off regions of the park).

Munson was pretty excited to be there: sunny, cold and lots of space smelling of dog is his recipe for play.

I saw a minibus labelled “Zoomobile” across the main square and headed towards it. A display of small animals (reptiles?) was being set-up by folks from Taronga Park Zoo. The centre of the largest dog off-leash area in Sydney was probably not the best place to put it, and I got the sense that whoever organised this otherwise excellent outreach hadn’t really thought it through.  It was pretty close to where the highest concentration of dogs would be found, and at the crossroads of paths defining the main east-west thoroughfare. So, really really not a good spot. I clipped Munson’s leash back on to his collar and took him away from all the interesting little cages.
Munson's chorus -line (2)
We passed a tent making bird-costumes, and so we were not surprised to find people actually wearing them  a little further on. A cluster of photographers circled this trio of emus – Munson headed right over to say hello – cue much clickety click from the photographers as he posed with his chorus-line, almost a cosplay tribute to Fantasia.

I was quite surprised that we would do a spontaneous pose of this type as it’s really not his style. Bondi was the master of sitting in a picturesque location, inviting any number of excellent photos. I hope we look forward to more camera-love from Munson.

There was also a lady in a spoonbill costume hovering behind Munson, but they seemed rather disinterested in each other.

Avoiding the spoon-bill

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