Saturday, August 01, 2015

Oseberg Sleeve–days 3 and 4

2015-07-31 Bornholm
The amount of work involved in doing the tattoo on a large “canvas” my arm spun out an extra day, giving me a total of about 32 hours on the table. Day three saw my upper arm completed and then the shoulder work on the last day. These sections involved working through my original “Fais que ton rêve …” armband done in Paris back in 2006 (seen above) and then my most recent work higher on the shoulder.

What is terrifically pleasing above and beyond the artistry, is that these photos taken within minutes of completed sections show absolutely no bleeding or other irritation.
Pretty good for what is about three to four A4 pages of work. I didn’t have time to grab post-able photos of the shoulder work before we dashed across the island to put me on the last afternoon ferry back to the mainland.

On the Friday evening I asked to be dropped off in Nexø to do some food shopping. A small jazz festival was in progress, but the only musical activity I saw was by the waterfront. It was the end of the holiday season, but a run of bad weather had seen off most of the tourists, although when I reached the ferry I could see that the belated 36 hours of sunshine had produced an abundance of sun-burnt Nordic faces.
Nexo waterfront
Nexo muralI’m not sure that I was ever taken on the same road twice as I was chaUFFEured around, although I did note from the signs that “all roads lead to Rønne”.
All roads lead to Ronne - 1All roads lead to Ronne - 2
Once back on the mainland at Ystad, I switched to the train for Malmö and then again to Ängelholm where Gustav’s sister Isabel picked me up.

It’s a pity there such a final rush as I missed out on having a more relaxed post-tattoo talk with Uffe, who have enormous respect for as an artist and person. I would endeavour to re-connect with him in Copenhagen before I left, possibly to have his official photographer record my work, the Oseberg sleeve.

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  1. Are the three of you still OK ? No blog since August last year, I can only hope that you are too busy with life and perhaps using other social media.
    Happy New Year to you !