Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Munson 2008-2017

Munson passed away peacefully at 1pm today, held by Mike and Gustav. As with Bondi's loss in 2009, for me this is like losing several limbs and a heart. Although cancer hit him early at age 5, Munson had an extraordinarily packed life, accompanying me through about fifteen countries from Gibraltar to Stockholm, and walking half the length of Offa's Dyke. He swam in Mediterranean, North Atlantic, and Baltic waters. A quarter of his life was spent on Grasspunk Farm in the sleepy southwest of France, where he chased chickens, wild boar, deer and rabbits.
His later life in Sydney was spent swimming in warmer Pacific waters and in thoughtful commentary on the antics of other dogs at Enmore Park. I can only imagine him now, travelling peacefully without pain, accompanied by the ghost of the predeceased roomba that chased him from slumbers around the house as it attempted to consume a bale of hair each day. We all have happy memories of Munson. Let them chase away the sorrow of this day. - Mike