Monday, January 22, 2018



I'm Rollo, named after the Viking who became the first Duke of Normandy a looong time ago. Even before there was a Munson or a Bondi.

Some of you may know me from my dad's instagram (hashtag Rollo or whatever that means) but if you are meeting me for the first time: HELLO!

I am 12 months old, and while I am not as big as my brother Munson was, I am more than twenty times bigger than my older cat brother Logan. I also like swimming but what is it about these waves that keep hitting me again and again? I am looking at them now. I am also looking at my dad who has seaweed on his head on purpose. I sometimes think I understand him less than these waves.

My dad is a bit sad now that Munson has gone away, but I am keeping him distracted by digging holes and eating shoes. If you come visit, I will eat your shoes. Please visit, or just *send shoes*.

bye for now