Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Rollo is now nearly two and a half, a strapping boy of 49kg - less than Munson or Bondi, but I suspect stronger than either.

For those of you who followed us on our Facebook page, I'm sorry for the sudden disappearance, but I just got fed up with the whole site. We do post on Instagram still.


  1. Been following Rollo's adventures on Instagram (and yours and G's, too), but I don't ever sign in so I don't leave comments.

    1. Good to see you Walt. You will have noticed that I dug up Ken's prune cake recipe last week!

  2. Anonymous12:37 am

    Oho! So thrilled to hear about you - it's been a while - especially since I do not have an instagram account and left Facebook way before you dropped off that platform. Although it's a bit late, so nice to meet you,Rollo!!