Saturday, August 29, 2020


It's been six years since my last roadtrip, and we're using this troublingly quiet time to our advantage with a circuit of western NSW through some places I lived as a kid (Bourke, Temora) and some new places like Broken Hill & Lightning Ridge. The last few years have been rather awkward in terms of away time coinciding with when Gustav can get time, but we hope to grab a week later in the year. So this trip will just be with Raff, while Gustav consoles Logan over a pizza or dozen.

My initial plan (see Instagram) was to do the route counter-clockwise, with a concluding leg through the Snowy Mountains. Looking at distances, availability of pet-friendly accommodation etc turned into this clockwise circuit of nearly 3000km. That's about the same as driving from Seville, Spain to Malmö, Sweden, or Seattle to Chicago.

The numbers in circles represent the number of nights that Raff and I will be spending in each location. The trickiest section was the approach to Broken Hill as there are very few options for pets  in the SW quadrant of NSW outside of Mildura.

We're setting off in just over a week. It's to be seen whether I'll update the blog as I go. Most likely I'll Instagram en-route and do a retrospective series of blog posts. 


  1. Have heaps of fun and keep safe! ❤️❤️

    1. Thanks Meme! Hoping to get down to your part of the world when borders open again. xx

  2. Bon voyage ! Looking forward to the Insta snaps.